sample business letters

  1. Full block style

Writing on full block style: business letter usually located on flattened left as letter head, date, inside address, subject, salutation, body of letter, complementary a close, signature or as a whole of format letter being in a position flattened left.

Sample Form Letter Full Block Style :
Format From Full Block Style


231 Blackmore Street

New York, N.Y. 20011 USA

Ref : JS/LL/12B

17th April, 2013

Messrs. Johnson Smith & Carlton Ltd

Managing Director

16 Fifth Avenue Street

Los Angeles, USA

Dear Sirs,

We have to rimind you that account for television ordered on 12 february has not yet been paid. Discount cannot now be allowed.

You will remember that we went to some trouble to meet your delivery date, and  we are sure that you would not wish to inconvenience us by delaying your payment.

A copy of the statement is enclosed, and we shall be glad to receive your cheque by return.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan R. Smith

Managing Director.

  1. Block Style

When he was writing a business letter, for example, a letter a request for work you must pay attention to the format or style of letters and a typeface ( font ) used. The format of a business letter most frequently used is the block style. Applying this format all parts of a letter written flattened left with spaces between lines single / of a sentence and spaced duple inter-intercity alinea or paragraphs. The image on the latter part of this article is an example of a business letter with the format of the block.

Banten, 5 Maret 2009
Kepada Yth.
Segenap Nasabah Giro
PT BANK Danamon
Cabang Garut

Dengan hormat,
Dengan ini kami beritahukan, bahwa terhitung mulai tanggal 12 Mei 2009, Bank BCA Cabang Garut akan memberikan nama dan alamat penarik pada bagian belakang lembaran cek dan giro bilyet.
Untuk pelaksanaan tersebut permintaan buku cel dan buku giro bilyet baru dapat kami layani satu hari setelah pengajuan permintaan buku cek/ giro bilyet baru.
Demikianlah agar diketahui, atas perhatian serta kerjasama yang baik kami ucapkan terima kasih.

Hormat kami,
PT Bank Danamon

Drs. Suwarno

  1. Semi-block style

Semi-blok fromat: in a format this text parallel left and all paragraphs in the letter is indented. Format shape on this letter on letter head, date, complementary a close, and signature being in a position flattened right. In the layout uneven right, but can dibilangg flattened middle. Other parts on a letter as inside address, subject, salutation, body of letter, and enclosure if terdapatnya attachment letter,Being flattened on the left.

Sample Form Letter Semi Block Style :

Format from Semi Block Style


Roads Abhimanyu 12


Number: 1.B/IV/2007

7 April 2007

Attachments: –

Subject: Examination Books

  1. “Works Great”

Jalan Raden Saleh 14



Replying to a letter a week ago sir, do hereby proclaim that the Report of the Expert Examining Trade Books we have sent to Mr. a month ago. The report might not come to the Lord.

As it turns out the balance of the year 2003 Mr. profits of Rp 120 million. This advantage is not big enough we think, given the circumstances Mr CV substantial and memuskan. We dare to ensure that profits in the coming year could reach 10% if performed more thoroughly. Outposts such costs would be lowered by several hundred thousand dollars.

Furthermore, we suggest that the capital increase Tuan Tuan remember Mr. results obtained in the past year was difficult to find the necessary capital. Accordingly our suggestions briefly, to explore all parts of the CV. Sir, we invite to read the latest report.


Your own name


  1. This format Indented Style

On the first line at the beginning of each paragraph starts with a few spaces from the left side, the distance is usually 1 cm spacing. the writing inside the address and signature section is done identasi. The magnitude of the identasi on each line is directly proportional to the order line. For example the first line does not do identasi, on the second row done identasi 0, 5 cm, in the third line is also done identasi 1 cm, etc. On the first line of every paragraph begins a few spaces from the left side. Usually 1 cm spacing distance from the left border.

Here’s An Example Of Indented Style:

Format for Indented Style

Surabaya, 9 Maret 2008
PT Taman Citra
Jalan Cantel 112

Dengan hormat,
Dengan sangat menyesal kami kabarkan kepada tuan bahwa pengiriman pupuk urea untuk pesanan tuan menjadi tertunda karena hal-hal yang di luar kekuasaan kami.
Sejak tanggal 5 Maret 2008 Surabaya hujan terus-menerus, dan beberapa tempat milai tergenang air.
Demikian juga tempat kami, sehingga disaat tergenang air kendaraan angkutan tidak masuk, pupuk-pupuk tidak dapat dikeluarkan dari gudang, ditambah lagi sebagian gudang kami tergenang air.
Atas perhatian saudara, terhadap hal tersebut di atas kami mengucapkan terima kasih.

Hormat kami                                                                                                                               PT Anemeka Pupuk


  1. Simplifed Style Format

Simple shapes (Simplified Style) is a form letter that is almost similar to the shape Straight Full but only without any greeting and closing greeting. Usually this letter goes to the people who were working at the company. Sometimes the simple form of letter writing is very simple without regard neatness and regularity.

The Following Example Simplified Style :

Format For Simplified Style

Modern Office Equipment Co. Ltd.
98 – 100 Anna Salai
Cennai – 600002
Telephone : 044 26152766
Fax : 044 26152767

6th June 2001

The Manager

ABC Computer Stores

23 North Usman Road

  1. Nager

Chennai – 600018

Telephone : 044 26156782

Fax : 044 26156780


This is another modification of the fully-blocked style. This style is used when you write a letter and you do not know the name and title of the person to whom you are writing the letter. The salutation and the complimentary closing are used in this style. The subject is mentioned din capital fonts and that subject need not be underlined.
Today around all the business houses, this style is widely used when the writer of the letters does not want to give importance to formality. Since the formality is not adopted here, this style goes to the heart of the addressee. This style give more importance only to the core matter of the letter.
M.N. Ashok Nathan

Assistant Manager


  1. Hanging Style Format

Hanging Style is the Format paragrafnya hang, or leaning more to the left. the form of this letter on letter head, date, complementary close and signature are in the position of the Middle letters. The other part on letters such as the inside address, salutation, body, subject of letter are in the position of left-align. at the beginning of the paragraph, paragraphs hanging is not spaced.

The Following Example Hanging Style:

Format From Hanging Style



JL.Gamprit jati waringin pondok gede

No                : 009/124/SMU/XIII/2009

Attachments  : –

Subject         : Meeting Service

Nature          : Very Important


Mr / Ms Teachers and Staff Employees SMU Negeri 5 Bekasi

at –


Assalamu’alaikum wr. Wb.

In connection with the rise of anarchist action and the more widespread use of illicit drugs among students, it is very important that we act together, we hereby invite Mr / Mrs to attend official meetings that we conduct.

The event, God willing, will be held on :

Day    : Saturday August 15

Time  : 08.00 s.d 14:00

Venue : Meeting Room

Similarly, we submit this letter, hopefully the father / mother can understand.For your attention and cooperation father / mother. We give thanks.Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.

Dr. Rizki Pratama Indra.S,Pd

Principal SMUN 5 Bekasi

Sumber :


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